7 Incredible Destinations People Have A Hard Time Believing Actually Exist

This world is full of magical and wonderful things. From the stars that fill the skies to the glowing creatures that creep beneath the sea, there is no end to its beauty or mystery. While we could all (and many of us do) spend our whole lifetimes exploring this vast enchanting planet, some of us don’t always have the luxury of doing so.

Thankfully, there are millions of wonderful people who do and love to share the experience with the rest of us. Their photos and videos are living proof that there are far more than just 7 wonders in this world, and here we present to you 15 of the best of them.

1. “Underwater waterfalls”


This majestic site is located in the southwest part of the island of Mauritius. How is it possible for a waterfall to be underwater? Actually, it is not. It’s just an optical illusion. That’s not water falling down but sand.

2. Glowworm Cave


These glowworms nesting inside the caves of New Zealand will bring you to somewhere only your imagination can reach. We all know the country for having some of the most scenic places in the world, little do we know, within those dark caves are glowing species of fungus.

3. Tianzi Mountain


China is the home of the most historic places in the world like the Great Wall of China. However, these gigantic rock formations look like thin mountains that peaked up to 3,976 feet are something beyond compare. We bet you’ve only seen this in movies, now, it’s about time for you to know that it’s real!

4. Grand Prismatic Spring


Found at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA, is this rainbow-colored spring. It is also known to be the largest hot spring in the country. Its usual temperature is around 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

The spring’s color, however, depends on the time of the year so you better be there at the right season.

5. Monte Roraima


While there are unusual rock formations around the world, this one is different. This mountain in Venezuela is square-shaped! It’s believed to be a stomp of a giant tree that had all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

6. Red Beach


Another attraction in China is this beach that seems to be flooded with red color. The alkaline content of its soil is so high that only a few types of plants can grow on it. One, in particular, is the Suaeda salsa, it is colored light red, while the color of the mature species is deep red.


That’s why, from afar, the place looks like bathing in a red-colored body of water.

7. Crooked Forest


This forest in Poland has pine trees that are crooked on the base part. The trees initially grow in a bent position for a couple of feet before growing all the way up like normal. You may have seen an odd-looking or uniquely-shaped pine tree but probably not this many and not as a group.

There were some theories saying it’s because of a tool used when they were first planted. While others believe that it’s due to harsh weather like snowstorms that these trees have undergone when they were young. Which of those do you think has caused this?

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