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Media: Sid Mead died – a futurist artist who worked on Blade Runners and Aliens

The visionary was 86 years old.

Official representatives of Sid Mead have not yet had time to confirm the death of the artist, but John McElroy from the Autoline automobile company has already reported about her . McElroy previously talked with Mead in his podcast.

Mead began his career with a car, working for Ford, but he left the company two years later, taking up illustrations for books and advertising catalogs. After he opened his own company and took up projects that, as a result, brought him worldwide fame and universal recognition: Star Trek: The Film, Blade Runner, Aliens, and Throne. He also served as a visual consultant to the authors of Johnny Mnemonics.

Working on Blade Runner, Sid Meade created the Los Angeles image of the future and came up with many concepts for cars in the universe.

In the movie Aliens by James Cameron, the artist worked on the design of the Sulako spaceship.

In the following years, Sid Meed managed to work with many companies, and many of them were Japanese – for example, Honda, Bandai, Sony and Dentsu. He even made fur designer WD-M01 in the anime Turn-A Gundam.

After that, Sid Mead was a little less active in his work – he acted as one of the concept artists of Elysium: Paradise not on Earth by Neil Blomkamp, ​​and also created the image of post-apocalyptic Las Vegas for Denis Villeneuve and the Cities Runner 2049 Earth of the future. “


At the end of November, in a conversation with Business Insider, the artist expressed his admiration for the Cybertruck electric truck, saying that the design exceeded all his expectations, and in 2014 he criticized the helmet of the French duet Daft Punk, the design of which, according to many, was inspired by the work of Mead.

Inspiration by the artist-futurist’s drawings can be traced in many works on which he himself did not work – for example, in the universe of Mass Effect or the cult “Akira”.

Sid Mead’s work is dedicated to the 2006 Visual Futurist: The Art & Life of Syd Mead documentary. Also on the website of The Gnomon Workshop you can see several of his master classes.


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