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Respectful redesign: artists dressed sexy female characters in comfortable clothes

Their flash mob has become an occasion for ridicule.

The flash mob was launched by the Russian-speaking artist R4GECATTO, offering the girls to redraw the sexualized female characters so that their costumes looked more practical and logical.

The respectful_redesign tag was created especially for the flash mob , according to which the first works with game characters like Nier: Automata, Resident Evil 2 and League of Legends quickly began to appear, as well as anime heroines – for example, Sailor Moon and Kill or Die. .

Over time, Western artists joined the flash drive, although there were several men among the participants

Among the works on the hashtag, notes with comparisons of images, making fun of the flash mob, also began to appear.

For example, users showed how Bane’s image changed in the Gotham series after “The Dark Knight: Revival of a Legend”, and compared the dressed Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 with a version from a mod where thongs and slippers are worn instead of a coat and hat.

Some jokes, however, completely went beyond the theme of the appearance of female characters.

The flash mob prompted users to discuss images of female characters in games, films and animations.

Those who did not support the venture, including the girls, noted that many images of the characters in the flash mob are out of context, and the perception itself depends primarily on the viewer or the player.

Speakers on the side of the participants explained that the flash mob is not trying to urge someone to abandon open clothing, as it seemed to some, but only intended to add logic to the images.

Supporters cited Eloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn as an example of proper design, noting the practicality of her clothes and the fit of the setting.

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