Jedi: Fallen Order – general tips for beginners

No spoilers.

Hardly anyone will call the game Respawn friendly – sometimes it is not clear where to go, and the complexity of the battles suddenly jumps to heaven. We give some general tips for passing – without spoilers.

Better to play on more powerful consoles or PCs

Jedi: Fallen Order, like many games on UE4, does not feel well on the base models of consoles. If you have the opportunity, it is better to choose the PC version or at least run the game on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro – you will not only be more pleasant, but also easier.

This is not some kind of snobbery. For example, the base Xbox One sometimes doesn’t load whole pieces of the level, not just textures. This can greatly spoil the experience.

Don’t forget Performance Mode on enhanced consoles

XOX and PS4 Pro owners can turn on FPS priority mode at any time. The picture will become more “soapy,” but in return you will get more responsive control – reading enemies and fending off becomes easier. If you mess up on the boss, then it always makes sense to try Performance Mode first, and only then change the difficulty.

True, this mode should be included only on bosses. In a battle with many opponents, on the contrary, it can interfere due to too sharp jumps fps.

Set the difficulty higher, but feel free to change it

The game is best revealed at the level of Jedi Master (only Grand Master is more difficult). Try to start with it, because it is with her that you will have to thoroughly study all the mechanics. For example, capsules with extra health on Jedi Knight are perceived as an inconvenient way to “extend the strip,” but on Jedi Master you have to figure out the moments to use them. And in general, at high levels of difficulty, you will understand what it means to save Strength, correctly fend off and really exhaust the enemy.

If at some point it seems impassable to you, do not hesitate to temporarily reduce the difficulty – the game does not punish you for this. Yes, you may hate yourself, but at least you will go all the way. Moreover, sometimes the game is difficult not because of your crooked fingers or reflexes, but because of the impressive input lag on the consoles.

It’s not necessary to fly to Datomir in the first hours, but there’s a small reward for it

The game presents Datomir as some forbidden (and coveted) place, but in fact you will fully learn it from the plot. Before time, suffering is not necessary.

The only reason to fly to this planet in the early hours is to get one sword upgrade ahead of time, but if you do not, the game will still give you a little later.

In addition, without a double jump on Datomir you will not go far.

If you missed the box, it doesn’t matter

As in any self-respecting metro building, there are “chests” in the Fallen Order, but there is little sense in them. In the boxes are only cosmetic items. You will not find any useful loot in them – only if a new poncho or coloring for the ship.

And most importantly, in the chests there are no new lightsaber colors – they will be given to you in the story. So if you suddenly do not care about the appearance of the hero and his ship, then you can safely score on chests.

But it’s still worth collecting the echo – they give either experience (get a skill point faster), or increase health or Strength.

If the puzzle seems too sophisticated, you are doing something wrong

After the release of the Fallen Order in social networks, people began to meet often who … too high an opinion about the puzzles in the game. If you are doing something very difficult to solve the problem, you probably have chosen the wrong path. This is not even the level of Uncharted and Tomb Raider – but easier. Almost all puzzles in the game are solved within one room and without much effort.

Well, feel free to ask BD-1 for advice. He will tell you what to do next.

If the battle started unsuccessfully, this is not a reason to stop it – it is better to die later

There are many situations in the Fallen Order where it is important to die strategically. For example, you can wait until the middle of the battle and let some basic enemy kill you.

When you go to the second round, you will only need to hit this enemy once to restore the health scale. Sometimes this mechanics really helps out.

Map is your best friend

Unlike Control, the map in the Jedi Fallen Order still helps rather than confuses – because it is not flat. On it green and orange marked passages that you can use. Follow these signs and never get lost.

There is only one point in the game where this approach does not help – when on Kashyyyk you are asked to return to the rebels. There you need to go to the sound of shots and trust your instinct.


No matter how you play well, bosses require patience and (your) stamina

In Jedi: Fallen Order, several complex one-on-one duels are at once, and each requires the player maximum concentration and endurance. Often you have to fight for 7-9 minutes with virtually no errors.

Get ready for the fact that killing the boss on the first try will not work. At Jedi Master, for example, you will have to learn all the stages of the battle – you must clearly understand at any time in the game when the enemy can be attacked, and when to retreat from a powerful non-blocking attack.

Many Reddit players say that it sometimes took them a half to two hours to complete the boss.

Tumbling more

During a somersault, the main character becomes completely invulnerable to attacks. This must be used. But do not forget that between each flip the character for a couple of moments becomes open to damage. So these movements must somehow be synchronized with the actions of the enemy.

The attacks of some enemies are specifically designed to catch you at the exit of the somersault. Therefore, sometimes they should be done not only sideways, but also a little back.

However, in some situations it is better to use the usual dodging instead of somersault – so you will have more time to run to the enemy and deliver him a series of powerful blows, until he comes to his senses after his own attack.

If the boss dies too slowly, it’s time to change tactics

Boss battles in the game are long, but not too much. If you fight for about eight minutes, the enemy has half the health left, which means you are doing something wrong.

Each big battle needs its own approach here – for example, one boss needs to be beaten only after the completion of his powerful attacks, and the other, on the contrary, is constantly “spammed” with blows to reset the block scale.

The battle with the boss in the game is the search for a set of tricks that work with this opponent.

Side-activities are best done right away

Yes, the Fallen Order has some elements of metro-promotion, but still the game is pretty linear. During the passage of the campaign, you look at almost all locations. Do you want to return to them after the completion of the plot to open a couple of new boxes with cosmetics? Unlikely.

In this regard, the game is similar to the last parts of Tomb Raider. The levels are quite open, but on secondary routes it is simply impossible to go far.

Hack opponents and look for buttons

There are moments in the Fallen Order where you can simplify your battle by pressing a button on the dashboard of an imperial station – for example, open holes in the floor to push enemies into the abyss with a push of the Force.

Well, do not finish off enemy bots and robots if you have the opportunity to hack them. A couple of cars on your side can dramatically change the course of the battle.

Nobody asks to kill all enemies

If you haven’t played souls likes a bit, try to get rid of the habit of killing all enemies on the level from the very first minutes. Your main task is not this, but to move forward and find the next save point.

One open shortcut to the save point is more valuable than dozens of killed enemies – it means that even in the event of death you will not have to repeat the passed battle again.

Use force and special techniques carefully

Of course, you can effectively kill one enemy with a super-strike, but it is better to destroy 3-4 at once by running into the crowd. Do not rush to use abilities, wait for the most successful moment for this.

However, some fights, on the contrary, should start with the use of the ability. Why fight a reinforced stormtrooper if you can throw him into the abyss in one motion and then deal with his less dangerous colleagues?

Use sighting if you are fighting one on one

Thanks to this feature, you can temporarily forget about not the most successful game camera. You will always see the enemy and concentrate on the main aspects of the battle – parrying, dodging and finding weak spots.


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