Fragments of a possible interview with Jeff Cayley and Robin Walker from Valve about the VR game on Half-Life appeared on the network

Judging by them, she may be released in March 2020.

Fragments of the interview were shared by supposedly the same user who had previously leaked the gameplay from the alpha of Dota: Underlords before its announcement.

In this possible interview, the conversation goes between The Game Awards organizer Jeff Cayley, Team Fortress designer Robin Walker and another unknown participant.

Judging by the fragments, the potential Half-Life VR game could be subtitled Alyx and be released in March 2020.

In the interview there is a mention that the authors allegedly want to release a version of the game that is available not only in VR, but also on a keyboard with a mouse, but the project was intended for virtual reality.

Also in an interview, Kaylee allegedly says that he and his team will make a documentary about the last hours of game development, as was the case with Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and Portal 2.


Many speculate that Valve may announce the game on November 19, for the next anniversary of the original Half-Life.

Previously, in Valve game files and other places, players already found a lot of references to the Half-Life VR game, but its existence has still not been officially confirmed.

The announcement of a certain VR-game from Valve itself is expected from April, when the company promised that by the end of 2019 it will release a certain flagship title for the Index helmet.

The blogger has collected everything that is known about Half-Life VR – the next possible Valve game


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