Former Sony vice president: PlayStation 3 lingers over part worth five cents

The company did not plan to release a console a year after the Xbox 360.

In an interview with IGN, former Sony top manager and current Google vice president Phil Harrison confirmed that the PlayStation 3 did come out later than planned.

The console went on sale only in November 2006 – a year after the release of the Xbox 360. Harrison admitted that he did not remember all the details, and half-jokingly noted that Sony had never been told the exact date: “We always said“ winter “, and we were lucky that in the northern hemisphere this concept is very extensible. “

However, according to him, the PS3 was really late, and because of one detail.

In fact, production slowed down due to a small component – a laser diode in a blu-ray drive. The item was worth about five cents. […]


In this case, the transition from the red laser was difficult in terms of the operation of the optical head in the drive. It was a difficult task in terms of physics and chemistry, because, in essence, it was necessary to produce a crystal. And simply did not have time to make a sufficient amount.

Phil Harrison

former vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Although Sony did not plan to give odds to Microsoft, sales of two consoles of that generation were approximately at the same level. The PlayStation 3 sold 87.4 million copies by 2017, and the number of Xbox 360 sold by 2014 was 84 million.


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