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Amy Hennig will open a gaming studio under the wing of the Skydance film company

Together with Amy Hennig, Skydance Media was joined by Julian Beek, a former executive producer of EA gaming.

In their new studio, Hennig and Bik will create interactive games for both the “traditional” and the streaming platforms – special attention will be paid to modern graphics, providing similarities with movies and TV shows.

During her career, Hennig managed to work at Crystal Dynamics, Naughty Dog, and Visceral Games, acting as creative director and screenwriter of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, three Uncharted games, and the canceled Visceral Star Wars title.

Bick, in turn, served as executive producer of many EA games in franchises such as Battlefield, Need for Speed ​​and Star Wars, and before that worked with United Front Games, Radical Entertainment, and Disney.

According to Hennig, she and Bik spent two years searching for a suitable company for themselves, and in Skydance, who participated in the production of “Mission Impossible: Consequences”, “Terminator: Dark Fates”, “Annihilation” and “Gemini”, she saw something what I was looking for.


It seems to me that adventure blockbusters are part of their DNA. I felt at home, I was very comfortable.

Amy Hennig


Hennig noted that Skydance has not only the right approach to merging interactivity and entertainment, but also the resources to realize such ideas.

What the studio will be called is still unknown, as well as what size it will be. However, Hennig admitted that the company is unlikely to start with something large-scale, since the AAA blockbusters she is thinking about require large budgets.

It will not be cheap, because we are talking about what is really important for the audience. For example, the visual credibility of characters and acting. It costs a lot of money.

Amy Hennig



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