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The British assembled a working version of the “Infernal tire” of the Ratman Overwatch

Inside she has an engine from a chainsaw.

Engineer and stuntman Colin Fearz posted on his YouTube channel a video about creating a real “Infernal tire” – spiked wheels used by the Overwatch Ratsman using his superpower.

He assembled the model from a real car tire, into which he built an engine cut out of a chainsaw. Furz added a system there that allows you to start the engine remotely, and also installed a pushing wheel “leg” and a metal rim with spikes

The engineer tested the Infernal Bus in action – first he knocked out a fence in his own yard, and then broke several glasses


Furs is going to improve and refine his invention to make it “more destructive.” How exactly, he will show in his next video, which will be published on November 17.

Colin Furz had collected devices from games before – on his channel you can find videos about the built-in ax and umbrella from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


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