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Official Borderlands, WWE 2K, and 2K Facebook Pages Hacked

Attackers posted offensive records on their pages.

On the night of November 15-16, unidentified persons hacked into the pages of the 2K publisher, the Borderlands and WWE 2K games on Facebook, and left insulting messages.

I don’t see much point in translating what was written.

In addition to offensive messages, unidentified people replaced the photo and cover of the WWE 2K page with the AEW Wrestling logo and the photo of professional wrestler Chris Benoit.

Representatives of 2K Games have already responded to the incident.

We know that the accounts of 2K games in the social. networks were hacked and insulting statements were published on their behalf that do not express the views of 2K or our partners. We are actively working to correct misunderstandings in the near future.


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