Obsidian Introduces Survival Online Grounded

The game was announced during the X019 in London.

Grounded will be released in early access in the spring of 2020. The game was in development even before the deal with Microsoft, a small team in the studio was working on it – only 12 people.

This is a cooperative survival simulator designed for four players – they play the roles of children who decreased in size during the experiment.

Heroes have to fight with the inhabitants of an ordinary yard – insects, birds and spiders. They can not only fight, but also equip their own bases, as well as collect armor and weapons from improvised materials.

Obsidian promised that the game will have a “living” ecosystem, and all the inhabitants of the yard will behave differently: each type of insect will have its own needs and behaviors. For example, spiders are predators, ladybugs and bees can be used as a food source, and ants will be more likely a neutral side, until they consider too large a base a threat to their colony.

In addition, there will be crafting in Grounded, with which metro-diving elements are associated – in order to achieve a particular location on the map, you will need to create certain objects.


The release will take place in early access – Grounded will be released as part of the Xbox Preview program, and on Steam. Its creators want to engage users in the process of working on the game at an early stage and intend to study all the reviews of the players, modifying the gameplay and adding various mechanics.

The development is led by Pillars of Eternity II producer Adam Brennecki. According to the authors of the game, they wanted to try themselves in a new genre for themselves and bring something of their own to it. Josh Sawyer, Pillars game director, assured fans that several teams are working at Obsidian, and fans can wait for news about RPG projects in the near future.


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