FunPlus Phoenix of China wins Worlds 2019 and becomes League of Legends World Champion

The time of Europe has not yet come.


In the Paris Worlds 2019 finals, the Chinese FunPlus Phoenix team fought with the European G2 Esports, which had already won the MSI international tournament in May earlier in 2019.

Despite the confident G2 Esports game during the playoff stage, in which she managed to beat the three-time SKT T1 champions, FunPlus Phoenix still won the series to three wins with a 3-0 score.

This is the second Worlds in a row when the main prize goes to the Chinese team – in 2018 Invictus Gaming won it, but in 2019 FunPlus Phoenix knocked it out of the tournament in the semifinals.

FunPlus Phoenix will take away 37.5% of the prize pool, which consists of a base of 2.2 million dollars and money collected through the sale of items in the game. In 2018, the total amount reached 6.5 million dollars.

The exact amount of 2019 has not yet been calculated.

Opening Ceremonies

Worlds 2020 will be held in China with the final in Shanghai, so FunPlus Phoenix will have to defend its title right in the home arena.

Worlds 2020 teaser in China


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