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Four bloggers received Death Stranding release cases – they haven’t been able to open them yet

To find out what is inside, they will have to act together.

Mysterious Death Stranding-style package cases were received by Alana Pearce , previously an IGN employee, actress Janina Gavankar , who played the main character of Battlefront II Eden Versio, as well as bloggers Ron Fansch and Sean William McLaughlin , known as Jacksepticeye.

Each of them, together with the case, received a letter and a personal hint, which in fact is only part of the puzzle.

A letter from Kojima Productions said that Death Stranding is dedicated to building relationships between people, and to open the received cases, the participants in the puzzle will also have to work together.

Pierce, Gavankar, Fansh and McLaughlin got their tips on black cards – on one there is a phrase and several circles in a row, one of which is marked in yellow, and on the other in addition there are numbers.

The creators of the game also noted that individually the tips do not make much sense, and only by adding them you can learn how to open cases.

Together with the fans, bloggers began to try to solve the riddle, and although the cases could not be opened yet, some points still began to clear up.

For example, 5292019 and 4:17 are written on one of the cards. The first is the release date of one of the Death Stranding trailers , and at around 4:17 a scene begins in it where the Creatures in the forest carry Sam.

In addition to personalized prompts, all four participants received one thing in common – from the official PlayStation account.

There are several sets of letters in the image, which, apparently, can be rearranged to add words, as well as the same circles, some of which are marked in a separate color.

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What exactly is in the cases is still unknown, however, judging by the letter, the contents are the same for all four participants.

Death Stranding is released on November 8 on the PS4.


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