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Mitsubishi terminated an advertising contract with Blizzard after deciding to punish Blitzchung

As The Daily Beast reporters found out, after deciding to punish a professional player at Heartstone for supporting Hong Kong protests, Blizzard lost not only the location of the players, but also one sponsor.

Reddit users have noticed that the logo of the Mitsubishi concern has disappeared from the broadcasts.

Later, the representative of Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan really confirmed that the campaign severed its relations with Blizzard – this happened two days after the Blitzchung ban.

Blizzard later, under pressure from the public, the company nevertheless softened the punishment for a professional gamer, but the company has not yet commented on the situation with Mitsubishi.


The company is preparing for BlizzCon, where it will make several high-profile announcements at once – according to media reports, among them there will be at least Diablo IV and Overwatch 2.

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