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EA returns to Steam – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order became the first game in the service in 8 years

The publisher also plans to launch an EA Access subscription there.

The partnership between Valve and Electronic Arts was announced in an official press release. All games of the company in the future will appear in the Steam and Origin store at the same time, and the first is Jedi: Fallen Order – it can already be pre-ordered.

Titles will be added to the Valve service gradually.

In the coming months, Steam users will also be available our other hits like The Sims 4 and Unravel Two. Multiplayer games such as Apex Legends, FIFA 20 and Battlefield V will appear on the platform next year, and users of Origin and Steam will be able to play together.

from the press release of EA and Valve

Apparently, with the advent of online games, Valve and EA will introduce common social features and allow you to combine friend lists on Origin and Steam.

In addition, in the spring of 2020, EA will launch on Steam and an Access subscription, which gives access to the library of games, and also allows you to start playing individual titles before the full release. This will be the first subscription service available at the Valve s tore.


Apparently, in order to use EA Access and install publisher games through Steam, users will need an EA account and Origin launcher. However, after the player links both accounts, only one client is required to launch.

The fact that games from Electronic Arts may appear in the Valve service was noticed at the end of October – traces of test launches were found in the files of the Steam client.

Later, the publisher even hinted at an official Twitter partnership.

Steam noticed activity related to games from Electronic Arts

EA for several years released its games on the PC only through Origin. The last Steam release before that was Crysis 2 in 2011 – it was even temporarily removed from the store.

Electronic Arts did not specify what exactly changed in the relations between the companies and why they decided to enter into a partnership. Vice President of the publishing house Mike Blank said that for them it is “a new way to work with Valve.”

We, as game developers, want to make connections between as many people as possible with the help of our games. And make this connection as easy as possible.

There are more and more users, and the number of games and platforms is growing. So we want to be where the players are.

Mike Blank

EA Senior Vice President


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