Blizzard announced Deathwing for Heroes of the Storm

As the developers told on the announcing stream, Deathwing will be able to fly over the battlefield, pour fire on opponents in front of him, and also let out a roar that will turn the enemies around the dragon into flight.

Deathwing’s abilities will vary depending on its form: Destoryer and World-breaker. In size, he will be larger than another dragon, Alexstrasza.

In addition to the health lineup, Deathwing will receive four levels of armor, which enhance dragon defense by 40%. After losing 25% of health, Deathwing will be taken away 10% of the armor.

To restore health and armor, Deathwing will be able to fly into the air and then land at any point on the map within sight.

Deathwing’s passive skills also include “Expenditure” – you cannot stun, immobilize, or slow down a dragon throughout its life. In this case, the Allies will not be able to exert reinforcing effects on Deathwing such as healing, additional shields or Abatur’s symbiont.

Deathwing’s unique ability is Cataclysm, when used, the dragon will fly over the map, spewing flames on enemies.

When Deathwing appears in Heroes of the Storm, it is not specified. In the summer of 2019, Blizzard added the second original character to the game – the killer Kahira.

Blizzard introduced Kahira – the second original character of Heroes of the Storm 


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