Paradox shut down Stellaris: Galaxy Command beta servers after finding concept art for Halo in the game

Developers began rechecking assets.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is a mobile strategy from Paradox, for which the Hong Kong-based Gamebear studio is responsible. The game was announced on October 15, and beta games were available in some regions from the same day.

However, already on October 16, the project’s official twitter reported that the beta servers were temporarily disabled, as the concept art for another project of another company was discovered in the game.

It’s about the dialogue screen, where against the background you can see the concept art of the artist from 343 Industries Kenny Magnusson – this is a work for Halo.


Screenshot from Galaxy Command

Halo Concept Art

As they noticed in the network, concept art was not only stolen, but also casually edited – the ships were removed from it, but if you look closely, you can still see their silhouettes.

Paradox as a result of this got into an awkward situation, since it does not develop the game, but publishes it. Instead, the Galaxy Command is responsible for the Hong Kong-based Gamebear studio.

We are sorry that this happened, and we will be better.from the statement of Paradox

When the servers will be online again is still unknown.


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