Paradox announces Stellaris: Galaxy Command strategy for iOS and Android

According to the publisher, in the mobile spin-off of the space PC strategy there will be a huge whole world, completely user-driven. The galactic map will change depending on their decisions – on the one with whom they enter into alliances, with whom they trade, which territories are taxed and other things.

Players will have at their disposal their own space station (with its help you can explore new technologies) and a personal fleet.

The game also needs to be guided by “ethical standards”, making one choice or another. Thus, the players will determine the basic principles of the existence of their civilization.

The publisher also reports that the game is designed specifically for short sessions, so that it is convenient for users to “maintain alliances and monitor the status of the space station and fleet throughout the day.”


In the story, players will restore civilization after a devastating interdimensional invasion by joining the Galactic Reconstruction Initiative.

At the moment it is not known whether the game will be shareware, but on the page in the Google store there is information about built-in purchases worth from 85 to 8990 rubles.

The original Stellaris is a space 4X strategy released by Paradox in 2016 for PC. In 2019, a PS4 version was released.


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