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“First, I don’t think I’m a genius”: the release of “Evening Urgant” with Kojima

On October 3, as part of his visit to Russia, game designer Hideo Kojima visited the evening Urgant show.

At the beginning of the conversation, the presenter emphasized the importance of the moment – for the first time the game creator appeared on the federal channel as an honored guest.

Now in Russia there will be a split … such a split … there will be a crack across Mother Russia. On one side there will be people who have never played computer games, and on the other – all of us. Right now you can still jump to us. Take the joysticks, turn on the consoles. And for the first time, watch on TV not a third-person game, but the person who invented this game.

Ivan Urgant


Urgant first asked Kojima what it was like to act as a genius.

First of all, I don’t think that I am a genius, but if they say so, I’ll probably become one of them someday — I try very hard to be one. […] I really feel pressure from this status, but without such pressure, it seems to me, something good cannot be done. All artists, musicians and directors feel this pressure, and it helps them to step over themselves.

Hideo Kojima

game designer

When Urgant asked Kojima to name those whom he considers geniuses, the game designer did not specify, saying that it was difficult to choose, but in between he mentioned Tarkovsky.

For me, geniuses are those who inspired me.

Hideo Kojima

game designer

When Urgant asked Kojima to choose a Russian actor whom he would like to see in his game, the game designer stated that he was ready to work with all three. Hideo showed photographs of Yarmolnik, Mikhalkov and Serebryakov – he watched films with their participation.


In a conversation with Urgant Kojima also talked about how he creates games. The game designer tries to use both hemispheres of the brain at once and thinks from general to particular – first he imagines the whole picture, and then begins to think about the details.

As in directing, when creating a game, you need to think about all aspects of its production at once. It is difficult to explain, at first I think in general, and then intersperse small details, combine one with the other … And it turns out that I follow the production, the creation of the script, and the game design … It is very important to combine all these things simultaneously and in parallel.

Hideo Kojima

game designer

When asked Kojima how many hours you can play per day, the game designer once again stated that he plays mainly in his titles – sometimes from morning to evening with interruptions in watching movies. Urgant joked that Russian children would be grateful for such advice.

According to Kojima, at first a backpack appeared in Death Stranding, and then Norman Reedus. Because a backpack is a “unifying component of the whole game”.

Viewers of Channel One were shown a short trailer for Death Stranding.

At the end of the conversation, Urgant and Kojima played Street Fighter II on an arcade machine, the game designer won, although he admitted that he liked shooters rather than fighting games.

After graduation, Kojima’s personal assistant posted his photo with earflaps.

In the near future, Kojima will speak at the Igromir exhibition, hold a Public Talk in the Garage and answer questions from VKontakte users.


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