Players in The Division 2 could not find the secret boss for several months

So far, one of the developers has not prompted them.

In the July update in The Division 2, a new location appeared – the national zoo, in which the developers added a secret mission with the boss. Despite the fact that two months have passed since the release of the update, the players did not even know about its existence.

One of the shooter developers, Trick Dempsey and host Hamish Boud, talked about her during the stream. Dempsey said that the boss is, that he recently passed it. However, the developer noted that there are no clues or unusual secret objects in the game, activation of which will lead players to the boss.

But he still gave one hint: “If you are at a level the size of a football field, and you have nothing to do there, you are on the right track.” After that, it took gamers only a few hours to solve the puzzle. Someone already managed to record a video with a detailed walkthrough.

As it turned out, in order to launch a mission, players must shoot five beehives one by one located around the perimeter of the location: at the entrance to the monorail, near the ocelots exhibition (predatory cats similar to leopards), on a hill near wolves, near a window with butterflies and to the left of the service area monorail, behind the cars.


Then you need to go to the cage with butterflies and activate the dashboard. Then the boss The Agony will appear, dressed in a protective jumpsuit and armed with a huge sledgehammer. Outwardly, it resembles the most durable fighters of the Outcast faction.

One of the gamers noticed that the bees and the name of the boss can be sent to the character of The Pain from the Metal Gear Solid action series, who knows how to control insects.

The Division 2 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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