Scott Snyder retweeted a WB Games Montreal video with cryptic characters alluding to a new Batman game

The author of the comic strip “Court of Owls” and “City of Owls” soon deleted his post.

Batman: Arkham Origins, the WB Games Montreal studio yesterday broke a four-year silence on Twitter and posted a video dedicated to Batman’s 80th birthday, which is interrupted by mysterious characters.

Today, the author of Batman’s wound in The New 52, ​​in particular the author of the comic strip “Court of Owls” and “City of Owls,” Scott Snyder retweeted this video with the caption “Wait …”. The entry was later deleted.

Wait … #Beware of the Sudas ????????

It is noteworthy that in December last year, Scott retweeted an IGN record that WB Games Montreal was working on a new game about Batman.

Previously, studio staff have repeatedly hinted at the appearance of the Court of Owls in their next project.

Most likely the studio is preparing for the announcement of a new Batman project, which may happen tomorrow at State of Play.


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