Insider: for Modern Warfare, however, will be released “royal battle”, but as a separate free mode

He told some of the details of the game before its announcement.

The information was shared by the LongSensation blogger, who even before the announcement of Modern Warfare told the details of the game and what it will be called as the first part of the subseries – without any numbers.

According to him, for the shooter they will still release the “royal battle” mode, although it will not be on release in October – it will be allowed to download separately and for free at the beginning of 2020, but it will also be tied to the main game.

LongSensation himself believes that if his information is confirmed, then this will definitely be a good move on the part of Activision. Something similar was expected in the case of Black Ops 4, but this did not happen.

In addition to this, the blogger said that Call of Duty 2020, the details of which Kotaku sources previously disclosed , can also be called simply Black Ops, without numbers in the name, or Black Ops V.

According to the blogger, the game is dedicated to the Cold War, and the plot will cover 40 years of history, including the Vietnam and Korean War. In tone, the shooter is described as even darker than Modern Warfare.

Kotaku sources spoke about the Cold War setting in May . Then they said that Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software were initially involved in Call of Duty 2020, however, due to internal conflicts, Activision transferred the Treyarch project, and she transferred the shooter to the Black Ops sub-series.

As a result, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software became support studios and set about remaking their campaign under Black Ops, and Treyarch took up its multiplayer from scratch.

Regarding the “royal battle”, Kotaku sources noted that Activision was not happy with the sales of Black Ops 4, which is why the company began to consider the introduction of free-to-play elements in Call of Duty.

The release of the free battle royale Modern Warfare separately from the main game fits into this plan. Infinity Ward has already confirmed that 100-player matches may appear in the game – that is, thanks to the engine, technically the “royal battle” should not be a big problem.

Officially, Infinity Ward only said that in the case of Modern Warfare, it is still concentrated on the main multiplayer, but the studio has a lot of fans of the battle piano and major battles on the big map.

Modern Warfare will be released on October 25th.


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