Improved matchmaking and bots will appear in Fortnite

Now the system will select players of equal skill.

Developers from Epic Games have announced that for the first time they will seriously redesign the matchmaking system in patch version 10.40. The distribution of players will be made more honest so that those who play equally well in the “royal battle” get into one match.

An updated system will appear in all regions for each of the main modes of Fortnite Battle Royale. First, it will be launched in test mode and will be further developed depending on its effectiveness.

In addition, in the 11th season of the game, the developers promised to add bots to all modes, except for competitive playlists. AI opponents should help newcomers adapt to the game and become part of improved matchmaking – as players gain experience, they will encounter fewer and fewer bots in battles.


How exactly will determine the skills of the players and distribute them, Epic Games has not yet been specified.


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