Google introduced the Google Play Pass – an analogue of Apple Arcade

A subscription worth $ 5 per month provides access to 350 games and applications.

Unlike Apple Arcade, Google’s set includes already released titles. They disabled in-app purchases.

Moreover, they will be available outside the service – for a fee. During the demonstration of one of the games, The Verge journalist noted that it has the opportunity to purchase an extended package. But if you run it through the Google Play Pass service, then it will become free.


Of the games in the service, Stardew Valley, Monument Valley, Limbo, Risk, Star Wars: KOTOR, Mini Metro, Old Man’s Journey, and Eloh, as well as applications like AccuWeather, are available.

It is not yet known how the appearance of the Google Play Pass will affect the amount of money paid to developers, as well as revenue calculation algorithms. Google said it would be “more than just a download counter.”

In the first year, Google plans to charge users $ 2 per month, after which it will increase the price. Free trial period – 10 days. In the USA, the service will be launched “this week”, and in the rest of the world – “soon”.


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