Catch the Knight: WB Montreal continues to tease the alleged Batman game

WB Montreal has released another set of teasers of the alleged game about Batman – this time in the studio’s instagram and twitter images of logos appeared on a black background with the caption “Catch the Knight”.

A teaser post retweeted a DC Comics account, so the alleged game seems to relate specifically to this intellectual property.

Catch the Knight

A few hours earlier, the author of the comic strip “Court of Owls” and “City of Owls”, Scott Snyder, indirectly confirmed that the next WB Montreal game will be based on the story arc about Owls – he also retweeted one of the teasers and then deleted the record.

In the new game, it seems, Batman will confront the secret organization, Court of Owls, trying to capture Gotham. In the story arc “Night of the Owls” events just develop during one night – which is suitable for playing in the Arkham series.


Scott Snyder retweeted a WB Games Montreal video with cryptic characters alluding to a new Batman game

Developers from WB Montreal are primarily known for the prequel of the franchise – Batman Arkham Origins. What does the studio Rocksteady, more than four years ago released the Batman Arkham Knight, it is still unknown, but sources Kotaku refined that the developers also have left a theme supergeroiki.

In December 2016, Kotaku also reported that WB Montreal was involved in the “Suicide Squad” game, but the project was canceled, and the studio began to continue Batman Arkham – it was then specified that the plot could be dedicated to Batman’s son. Apparently, this title has been under development for more than two and a half years.


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