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Batman: Arkham Knight left EGS without Denuvo, but protection has not yet been removed from the Steam version

Maybe in the near future they’ll remove it.

On September 19th, in honor of Batman’s day , the distribution of superhero games began on the Epic Games Store , including the Rocksteady Batman: Arkham trilogy.

As it turned out , in the Epic Games store, the authors began to distribute a version of Arkham Knight without Denuvo protection. However, on Steam it is still there.

Perhaps the protection will also be removed from the Steam version, however, almost three days have passed since the distribution began, and some users are beginning to openly ask for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment remove Denuvo.

Funcom, meanwhile, removed the protection from its Conan Unconquered, which can be

 played on Steam for free until the end of the weekend .

As the DSOGaming website noted, there are almost no differences in the performance of both games with and without Denuvo – the average frame rate per second remains the same, but they now start up a little faster.


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