What graphics settings to choose for Borderlands 3

Especially if your computer is not the most powerful.

According to the results of the first week after the release of Borderlands 3, it became clear that the game does not have the best optimization – both on consoles and on a PC. However, for the last platform this is not a problem: if you adjust the settings properly, then it will “go” with dignity on medium-sized computers. Moreover, we are talking about 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Digital Foundry found out which settings in Borderlands 3 affect performance the most – and wrote tips for choosing them. They chose the main thing from their experiences.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the choice of DX11 or DX12. The last option for Borderlands 3 is still experimental.

After conducting tests on the Core i5 8400 and GTX 1060, Digital Foundry found out that if you are not limited by the power of your processor, it is best to choose DX11. In general, the performance is the same as when using the DX12 – but in places with similar scenarios it increases by 7 percent.

Next, Digital Foundry advised to reduce the “fog” volumetric fog. As in the previous parts of the series, the setting has little effect on the quality of the picture – however, it eats up quite a bit of performance. After that, during the tests, the frame rate increased by 34 percent.

The next load setting is SSR, or “reflection in the screen space” in the Russian version of the game. At the aforementioned assembly, they were reduced from “ultra” to “medium” – as a result, productivity increased by another 10 percent.

The same thing can be done with the “complexity of materials”. Thanks to this, you will win four percent. Changing SSAO (“volumetric lighting”) from “ultra” to “high” will give two percent – there is no sense in underestimating it even more. It is also worth putting “medium” shadows – an extra three percent.


Especially Digital Foundry experts advise disabling motion blur (in the Russian version of the game “Speed ​​Effect”) – the difference is not big, but in response this will give you an additional 3-7 percent.

Total – a strong performance increase with a slight difference in picture quality. Below is a table with all the results of the experiments.

If you want to leave all the settings on the “ultras”, then there is another, radical solution – changing the resolution. The GTX 1060 is quite “pulling out” 1080p, but it’s worth considering that in “ultras” the frame rate in this case drops to 40.

In the settings there is a slider that changes the resolution of the rendering – however, inside the game itself, it allows you to set only fixed values, for example, 75% of the quality of 1080p (1440×810). However, nothing prevents getting into the “configs”, where all numbers can be set independently. For example, 83% will correspond to 900 rubles, and 90% – 1728х972.

The address at which you can change the value is as follows:

Documents / My Games / Borderlands 3 / Saved / Config / GameUserSettings.ini

Line:sg.ResolutionQuality = * percent *

Experts noted that in the future the situation with optimization is likely to improve – as soon as the developers tighten support for DX12.

All the visual difference in the experiments can be seen here:


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