Red Dead Online users find -NPC in the zombie game – perhaps this is a teaser for the Halloween event

People, as if rebelled from the dead, have been found since mid-September.

One of the first about the found “zombies” was reported by a Reddit user with the nickname xXVoluntaryeyeXx on September 11th. The player found the body of a pale man with green luminous eyes in a grave near the town of Armadillo.

Some said they saw similar bodies on Red Dead Online even before the September 10 update. However, players began to massively report such findings precisely after the release of the patch.

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As the players noted , even the “zombies” lying on the ground are formally alive – if you take the body to the city and shoot it in the head, it will be considered a murder. Some also noticed

 that such NPCs are able to blink and move.

What is the reason for the appearance of the “living dead” is still unknown. Someone believes that this is only a bug, like the “mass graves” of animals in May 2019. Others think that this is how developers teaser the event dedicated to Halloween – perhaps it will be associated with the expansion of Undead Nightmare for the first part of Red Dead Redemption.

At the moment, Rockstar has not commented on the “zombies” discovered by the players.


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