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Riot Games Launches 256-Page Encyclopedia with Lor League of Legends

It will go on sale on November 5th.

The book League of Legends: Realms of Runeterra includes a description and stories of 11 regions of Runterra, internal and external conflicts of factions, as well as details of technologies and biographies of champions.

In addition to the text on the pages there will be maps and concept art – many of them, as noted in Riot, have not been published anywhere before.

League of Legends developers have been creating a new game lore for several years. In order to form an integral picture of the world, the authors even made an interactive map

 on which you can find a description of the regions, their traditions and the champions living there.

The 256-page encyclopedia is the first such book published by Riot Games. Unlike other products of the company sold in its own merchandise store (they are not delivered to Russia from it), the collection of lore can be ordered on Amazon for $ 30.


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