Love Triangle and Not-So-Angry Higgs: The Japanese Death Stranding Cast on Game Characters

September 15, the last day of the Tokyo Game Show 2019, Hideo Kojima held the third and final presentation of Death Stranding. Unlike the first two, there was no gameplay on it – instead, visitors met with Japanese voice actors, and they talked about their characters.

We chose the most interesting of the hourly conversation .

  • The game began to be voiced in Japanese in December 2018, and the process lasted until August 2019. Even working on the most voluminous anime usually takes less time. As Kojima explained, everything was so stretched in part because he wanted to combine the work of the actors so that they wrote down their lines together, and not separately.
  • Amelie is a kind of reference to Elder Iskandar from the anime Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199, which, like Amelie herself, was voiced by actress Kikuko Inoe. According to Kojima, Amelie calls Sam on a journey in the same way that the Elder called humanity to save the Earth.
  • The actors noted that it is difficult for them to talk about Higgs, a character with the face (in the English version and voice) of Troy Baker, since everything will be considered a spoiler. However, they nevertheless emphasized that he was “not such a villain”, although in fact he is considered to be. At least in the beginning.
  • Kojima and the actors did not explain why one character is called Die Hardman and the other is Deadman (a hero with the appearance of Guillermo del Toro), because, again, spoilers. According to the game designer, after passing the players will say: “So that’s what they had in mind!”
  • Game designer and actors believe that players will be touched by the finale of Death Stranding, and this is what “can only be done in games.”
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  • Something important will happen to the character of Mads Mikkelsen named Cliff closer to the finale, and Kojima believes that if someone is not a fan of the actor by that time, then he will definitely become one after that.
  • The game has at least one scene that shows something like a love triangle between Sam, Amelie and Frajail, the heroine of Leia Seydoux, but Kojima and the actors did not go into details.
  • Talking about the main message of the game, the reunion of relations between people, the game designer emphasized that during his life he often felt lonely, and this should be forgotten, hoping for the future.

At the end of the conversation, Kojima concluded that with the help of Death Stranding he hopes to make the world a better place.

With the development of technology, communication between people has changed. In the past we had letters, then telephones, radio, television. And now, with the help of the network, we can communicate in real time with anyone and anywhere. Everything in the world is directly connected. However, at the same time, everyone is hiding behind the keyboards, and the negative has become easier to diverge.

With Death Stranding, I want to indirectly link the world. I hope that the people who played it will begin to understand more about others and the society in which we live, thereby making the world a better place.
Hideo Kojima

game designer


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