App Store and Google Play: New for the Week

We talk about the most notable mobile releases of the last seven days.

This is the Police 2

Price: 529 rubles $6.99 on the App Store and 590 rubles on Google Play.

The action of the second part was moved to the snowy town of Sharpwood, but the general situation is still the same – the player will become the chief of the police station, hiring new employees, investigating crimes and entering into clashes with criminals. The latter is now framed in the form of tactical battles in turn-based mode.

The minimalistic strategy of pro-cops looks even more profitable on mobile platforms than on PCs and consoles: leisurelyness and segmentation here become advantages. The very thing is to go in and “push” for 15-20 minutes a day for several weeks. Yes, and with an excellent crime story in the spirit of the Coen brothers.

COLINA: Legacy

Price: 149 rubles  USD 1.99 on the App Store, 129 rubles on Google Play.

The plot does not strike your imagination: a guy named Alex wakes up in his grandmother’s house, where hell is going on. He needs to get out of an ominous place and understand what is happening.

COLINA: Legacy is a game in a genre rare for mobile devices. This is a three-dimensional indie horror that comes out on Steam for fifty pieces a month, but it is not so simple

In the same Steam, the game from Chance6 received a very warm welcome, despite the general budget. Of course, there are a small number of locations, a standard arsenal of horror and almost no original puzzles, but everything was done very soundly (approximately at the level with Through the Woods) and even with a claim to originality.

For example, there is mechanics that allows using the magic runes to switch the “modes” of the flashlight: it will be needed to solve puzzles and simple battles with enemies, which stretch the game for five to six hours.

The description on Steam says that “graphics and sound allow it to compete with the games of larger studios.” Quite controversial, but she deserves the title of “Alan Wake at Minimal”.

Hoppia tale

Price: Free on the App Store and Google Play (both versions have in- app purchases).

The authors of Hoppia Tale call their game a mix from The Legend of Zelda and Bomberman – according to the trailers, you won’t understand what’s what.

After playing a little, you find out that Zelda has simple puzzles, boss battles, a cute design and an adventure spirit (we are fighting another evil).

From Bomberman – the separation of levels into cells and the need to properly position your character: for example, so that an enemy shell does not fly into it. For those who like it very much, there is the possibility of customizing the hero and their own home. You can even create your own level and share it with other players.


The gameplay is as simple as possible, and you can play with one hand, but because Hoppia Tale is a good filler for breaks between more hardcore games.


Price: 229 rubles $2.99 in the App Store, free on Google Play (there are built-in purchases).

Undervault is a horn-like dungeon divided into many rooms. Its main feature is that the player can create some unexplored rooms himself: for example, take yes and make a kitchen or shelter behind the next door.

Of course, this does not make the game simple, because the ability can not always be used. And when it does succeed, then the player should still have a card of the place that he wants to create – well, or everything will be decided by chance.

Thanks to the fresh idea, the need to think through your set of equipment, as well as pumping, was added and the need to properly plan the “craft” of the rooms and remember about their special properties. For example, if you place a room with a church next to the one where the enemy is located, then he will disappear

Second galaxy

Price: Free on the App Store and Google Play (both versions have in- app purchases).

Second Galaxy is often compared to EVE Online, but this is not entirely true: competing with the CCP game on a scale and device of pumping and economics is an ungrateful task. Second Galaxy takes accessibility – it’s easier to start playing it than in EVE, but there is enough scale here. Thousands of galaxies with a sea of ​​different activities, battles with hundreds of players, the ability to influence the economy – all this is enough at least until the release of mobile EVE


Price: 299 rubles on the App Store.

In LEATHER, players will take on the role of a sports coach – take under their guard beginner boxers, train them in the wisdom of combat tactics, take into account the strengths and weaknesses of opponents and plan the course of the fight.

We will not see a rich visualization of what is happening – the style of the game is quite minimalistic. LEATHER will please those players for whom endless lists, tables and coefficients are no less exciting than spectacular fights


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