The first day of the game in Borderlands 3 looks something like this

  • Anticipating unforgettable 50+ hours of the game, install it on both a working and a home PC.
  • Play the first few hours on a working PC.
  • Come home and see that Epic Games Launcher decided not to synchronize my game session on a working PC.
  • Start a new game.
  • Re-run the first few hours of the game.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances in the form of turning off the light, the computer must be rebooted.
  • When the game is restarted, the game informs me that my save file was damaged and cannot be restored. Frankly, I have not seen this since 2008.
  • Start a new game? No.
  • Find out on the official forum that the problem is global, and people lose 10-15 hours of progress without a chance of recovery.
  • Wait for patches in the hope that EGL and Gearbox will be able to learn how to synchronize the player’s progress with the cloud during the game, as well as create backups every certain period of time, and not do it once when you exit the game client back to Launcher. In 2019, for sure, this can be done, because it is in all normal online games of the last 8 years for sure …

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