Mass Effect 3 released a mod that improves the ending

He adds cut scenes, new music and expands the final dialogue with the Catalyst.

A group of independent developers has released Priority: Earth Overhaul Mod for Mass Effect 3 , designed to improve the final mission in London.


Modification makes gameplay changes, and also adds alternative and cut cut scenes.

ME3 is an impressive game. Throughout its length, you are moving to this large-scale battle [in London]. All history, everything you do, all missions, decisions and allies – the culmination of all this was to be London.

Unfortunately, it did not happen. There are many problems with London, like ocean water. From the point of view of the plot, everything is very bad, there are few dialogs, there are almost no exciting cut scenes, the script is written lazily, and the plot holes are so large that a reaper can fly through them.



Modders made the following changes to Mass Effect 3.

  • Bug fix
  • Balance changes
  • New Scripted Fragments
  • New music
  • Extra and cut from the original game cut scenes
  • New and improved surround sounds
  • Improved visual level design

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