At D23, GameStop retailers were shown remasters by The Lion King and Aladdin

Games should be released in the collection.

The appearance of games at the event D23 was reported by a user of Twitter under the nickname Wolverinefactor, later the first photo from the show also appeared.

Remakes of games about Aladdin and the Lion King are released in October. 
They were just announced at the GameStop conference for all platforms.

According to Wolverinefactor, publications will also include original soundtracks and older versions of games for Sega Genesis and SNES.


Both games will work in 1080p resolution. Western media noted that the updated versions are precisely HD remasters, and not full-fledged remakes.

They will have a rewind function that will allow you to “jump” to any part of the game, as well as a demonstration function – the game itself will show how to pass the level.

Pre-orders The Lion King and Aladdin are due to open on August 28 at the GameStop chain of stores.


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