The passage of DOOM Eternal will take from 18 to 22 hours

At least on average.

Executive producer Marty Stratton spoke about the approximate duration of DOOM Eternal at the end of July at QuakeCon, however, he only got attention to his interview with Quakecon Forums now.

Stratton noted that work is still underway on the game, however, by all indications, its passage should take from 18 to 22 hours. At the same time, he believes that for many players this indicator may turn out to be different.

I was surprised when I saw the range of how much it takes to complete the 2016 DOOM. Someone managed in 12-13 hours, and someone spent 30, 32, or even 35 hours. So it’s hard to say for sure.

Marty Stratton

Judging by the data of the How Long To Beat website, on average the passage of the DOOM 2016 story took 11 and a half hours for players, and taking into account various side activities, it took 16 and a half.

Eternal, relying on the already shown, is clearly larger. In addition, the authors, using a special hub, plan to demonstrate what Dumgai does in his spare time. This hints that there will still be moments in the game when you can take a breath.

DOOM Eternal will be released on November 22.


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