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The Mulan star supported the Hong Kong police during the protests – now the film is called upon to boycott

Disney was at the center of an undesirable political scandal.

Actress Liu Yifei, who starred in the upcoming game remake of Mulan, is extremely popular in China. More than 66 million people are subscribed to her account on the Weibo social network.

In mid-August, she decided to use this platform for a political statement. Li Yifei reposted to her account a propaganda image created by the Chinese Communist Party. The picture in Chinese says, “I support the Hong Kong police, you can beat me for it,” and below, in English, “What a shame for Hong Kong.” In addition to this, the actress used a tag launched to support the police.

The post received more than 78 thousand likes and 69 thousand reposts. The comments below it are mostly positive – most of them read “We love you and support them too.”

Chinese propaganda has been trying to support the police for a reason: the protests in Hong Kong have been going on for more than two months, and local authorities regularly lose because the protesters are constantly changing tactics, and recently they completely stopped the work of one of the largest airports in the world.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, we are fighting for the future of our home”

However, the police do not give up: recently, the UN Human Rights Council accused the Hong Kong authorities of using the non-lethal weapons like rubber bullets and tear gas too aggressively – to the extent that it could be dangerous for the protesters.

In addition, the police are suspected of illegal surveillance and the use of “triads” – people in white without identification marks appeared on the streets of the city, who without warning began to beat all people in black (color code of protesters). And the rule of law did not intervene in these conflicts.


The protests themselves began because of a bill to extradite criminals from Hong Kong to China. Now, the protesters are demanding not only its complete abolition (in fact it has not yet been accepted, but is under development), but also an investigation into the legality of the police’s actions, as well as holding general democratic elections – in return for the current commission.

Since Hong Kong authorities are unable to cope with protests, China is threatening to send troops into a special administrative region. However, analysts believe that this will not happen – if the PRC takes such a measure, it will in fact erase the special status of Hong Kong, depriving it of favorable relations with the United States and the status of an international financial center.

After the post in support of the police was published, calls appeared on the network to boycott Mulan – these records spread in Hong Kong and went beyond the Chinese Internet when they reached Instagram. The initiators of the boycott believe that Liu Yifei not only supported police arbitrariness, but also turned out to be the exact opposite of her heroine.

One way or another, the post of the actress can ultimately play into the hands of the Disney movie, and not vice versa. The fees in Hong Kong are negligible compared to the fees of the main China, and Liu Yifei essentially supported the Chinese authorities and their propaganda.

“Mulan” goes to hire the Russian Federation in March 2020.


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