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Ikumi Nakamura also received a sham skull as a gift, but during the delivery he was defeated.

And she and her colleagues seemed to think that was what was intended.

The creative director of GhostWire Tokyo “overshadowed” the data of the sender of the parcel in the photo posted, however, it is likely that this is a gift from the publisher 110 Industries – earlier it sent a similar fake skull and the album of the Kino group to Hideo Kojime.

Kojima was more fortunate because the skull for Nakamura during the delivery through the “Russian Post” was broken. True, judging by the creative director’s tweet, she and her colleagues thought that was what was intended.


Partially collecting the skull, Nakamura wrote that this was “an important message from the Tunguska explosion.” She probably meant the 1908 incident.


It is also possible that Nakamura and her colleagues decided to just play along and not be upset again because of delivery problems.


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