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Japanese police detain a man who threatened to burn Square Enix due to a loss in a mobile game

40-year-old Kenichi Hiratsuka promised to set an arson similar to the one that killed 35 people in the anime studio Kyoto Animation.

Shot from Square Enix’s London office

According to police, the man sent a message through the Square Enix website in which he demanded the return of money lost in the mobile g ame. Otherwise, he threatened to repeat arson, followed by July 18 burned

 the main office studio Kyoto Animation, which released the anime like K-On! and “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.”

During interrogation, Kenichi Hiratsuka stated that he was angry after losing to the unnamed mobile game Square Enix, which is why he decided to send a threat. Police emphasized that no gas or other combustible materials were found in Hiratsuki’s apartment.

Square Enix headquarters in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area threatened to set fire to Kenichi Hiratsuka

In February 2019, Square Enix received a similar threat – a 25-year-old MMO player wrote that he was going to kill the publisher’s employees. After the arrest, he explained that he had sent a message because he had not received an in-game item, which he spent about 1800 dollars .

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