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After shooting at Walmart stores started to clean out an advertisement with violent games

Weapons in the retail chain are still for sale.

After the release of the note, people also began to notice that not only advertising, but almost all the games disappeared in Walmart. However, network stores claim that there were no instructions to withdraw them from sale. Material updated.

According to Western media reports, in the United States, Walmart stores began to remove signs and demos with violent games. The store employees were sent the appropriate instructions.

The management also demanded to cancel any promotional events in stores, including games with shooting or fights. In addition, employees need to turn off all the violent films and commercials with a hunt that can be shown in the departments of electronics and sports equipment.

I came to work yesterday and they handed me a copy of this order. I immediately threw it away. It is obvious to me that in this way someone is trying to shift the focus of attention from the real reason for mass juggling. Yesterday I did not receive confirmation, but they do nothing with the sale of weapons and ammunition.

Employee Walmart

A few hours after media reports, one of the Twitter users also noticed that his local Walmart completely removed sales of the game, in which there is violence. As a result, shelves with discs and cartridges are almost completely empty.

IGN asked Walmart to comment on this, in response to which representatives of the store chain said that this was only a temporary decision, which was made out of respect for the victims and does not reflect the company’s policy in the long term.

However, later Walmart representatives again turned to IGN and explained that there was a misunderstanding – according to them, there were no indications of a complete withdrawal of games with violence from the sale.

The reason for all this was two incidents. On July 30, an armed man opened fire at a Walmart store in South Haven. He killed two employees and injured a policeman. On Saturday, August 3, the shootings took place at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas. A 21-year-old man killed 22 people and injured 24. Also on August 3, shooting started at a bar in Dayton, Ohio.

Shortly after the jokes, American politicians spoke out against video games. Texas Vice Governor Dan Patrick urged federal authorities to “do something with the gaming industry.” And on August 5, US President Donald Trump called for an end to the “romanticization of violence,” which blames games and the Internet.


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