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Unknowns threatened to start shooting at Twitch’s offices, but police say there is no danger

The company asked employees to work from home during the day.

According to Business Insider, San Francisco police inspected Twitch’s local offices, including the main one, after the company received several threats from unknowns. It was letters or calls, unknown.

Kotaku sources said that Twitch employees were threatened with gunfire at their offices. There were two threats in total: one on August 7, and another on the 8th.

According to the officers who responded to Kotaku’s request, their verification showed that there was no danger, and the situation was not considered a “real threat”, although the unit for such investigations was nevertheless notified.

After the first threat on Wednesday, August 7, Twitch management asked its employees to work from home. Now they have already returned to their places, but the company still wants to make sure that there is no danger.


The problem of the so-called “mass-juggling” in America is now particularly acute – the last case occurred on August 3 in the city of El Paso, Texas, and 22 people died during it.

US President Donald Trump then linked what happened to the games and said that they romanticize violence, but this only led to another wave of criticism in his direction, including from representatives of the gaming industry.

Many Americans consider the problem of the availability of weapons in the country, the lack of tight control by the state and its unwillingness to change something in this direction.


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