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Actor Danny Trejo helps save a child from a car accident

A young girl arrived in time for help.

On Wednesday, August 7, actor Danny Trejo helped pull the child out of an upturned car. Two cars collided at one of the intersections of Los Angeles, after which one of them turned over.

Trejo noticed that there was a child in an upturned car fastened to a child seat. Another witness also came to the rescue. She unfastened the seatbelt on the chair, and Trejo himself pulled out the baby.

In addition to the child, an elderly woman was also in the car. Probably the accident occurred due to the fact that one of the participants drove into the red light.


According to the Fire Department of Los Angeles, as a result of an accident, three victims were taken to the hospital. The actor, in turn, emphasized the importance of helping other people. He noted that everything good that happened in his life was the result of helping someone.

Danny Trejo is a 75-year-old Hollywood actor who is known for his roles in the films From Dusk Till Dawn, Spy Kids and Machete. He is mainly famous for the roles of villains.

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