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Fakes and “Thousands of Messages with Hate and Threats”: Ooblets Authors Tell How Players Accepted Their Switch to EGS

The developers were not left without support, but it is not enough.

In early August, the Glumberland indie studio announced that its release game Ooblets would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, and for the deal she received an amount that covered their desired sales.

After that, the authors, as well as other developers who decided to switch to EGS, were criticized by the players. However, angry gamers were not limited to simple dissatisfaction.

Glumberland consists of only two employees – Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser. Both actively communicate with players through the channel of their project in Discord, and the unknown decided to use this to make fake correspondence, substituting developers.

In it, Ben Wasser allegedly says that “now that there is funds for development, it would be better for gamers in gas chambers.” As evidence, the unknown even began to distribute a video on the network that shows the appearance of this message in real time.

However, the authors of these fakes did not take into account that Wasser himself was a Jew, and, according to the developer, he would not joke about gas chambers.

It is necessary to clarify the situation with a fake screenshot in which I supposedly say “it would be better for gamers in gas chambers”. Naturally, I never wrote this, and being a Jew it is especially painful to see the spread of this.

Now there is also a video that supposedly shows me sending a fake message in real time and then deleting it. People believe this because it is so outlandish for someone to spend time on a whole fake video just to attack me, but this is exactly the situation we are in.


However, not all players believed in the fake, and many doubted that it would be unlikely that anyone would record what was happening on their screen at the very moment when Ben Wasser could send a similar message.

In addition to this, Glumberland also began to receive many messages with hatred and threats. As the authors on Patreon noted , they knew that the reaction would be more likely negative, but they did not realize how much.

All this crushed us. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of angry and threatening letters were sent to us from all possible platforms and without stopping. This is especially painful, because during the development process, we had very positive and supportive relationships with the audience.

Rebecca Cordingley developer

Cordingley did not hide the fact that although the community with Patreon still supported the authors, she spent two days in tears and felt as if “the whole world around her had collapsed.”

I could not even imagine what the scale would be, and that we would be a target for a whole crowd of angry on the Internet. I already sympathized with other such targets for hatred, and therefore we wanted to pay attention to this in our announcement, but I had no idea that everything was so bad.

Rebecca Cordingley developer

In the announcement of the transaction, the developers said that they understand the dissatisfaction of the players, but did not see a problem in installing a simple launcher.

They are also of the opinion that no one should give the product to the players on their terms, and threaten to “pirate” it just because of another store – this is the behavior inherent in “immature and toxic gamers”.

Ooblets combines the elements of Stardew Valley and Pokemon. In it, the player needs to monitor his farm, as well as collect creatures, exploring with them local biomes.


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