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Donald Trump urged to limit the impact of “shocking video games” after the attacks in the US cities of El Paso and Dayton

The opinion of the US president was criticized by the organizers of E3, Jeff Cayley and Corey Barlog – creative director of God of War.

On August 3, with an interval of 13 hours in the United States , two massacres occurred – in the city of El Paso, Texas, 22 people were killed and about 26 were injured, and in Dayton, Ohio, nine people were killed and 37 more were injured.

Two days later, US President Donald Trump held a press conference on the attacks, at which he stated that in the American society, among other things, it is necessary to stop the romanticization of violence.

She, according to Trump, is provided, among other things, by “shocking and terrible video games” – while the Internet allows radicalizing the views of unbalanced people.

We must stop the romanticization of violence in our society. Among other things, it is provided by shocking and terrible video games, which are now everywhere. For troubled young people today, it’s easy to immerse themselves in a culture that praises violence. We must stop it or significantly reduce it.

We must acknowledge that the Internet offers a dangerous opportunity to radicalize unbalanced people.

Donald Trump
President of the U.S.A

The day before the press conference of Donald Trump , Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority leader in the Senate, who called shooters “the problem of future generations”, and Dan Patrick, Texas vice governor, who said “the video game industry is teaching young people to kill,” also spoke about the impact of video games .

The Association of Software and Computer Game Manufacturers (ESA), which also organizes the E3 exhibition, responded to a speech by Donald Trump – and emphasized that billions of people around the world are addicted to video games, but not all countries have a level of violence comparable to the United States.

More than 165 million Americans play video games – as do billions of people around the world.

But in other societies where games are as widespread as in the United States, there is no equally tragically high level of violence.

from ESA statement

The position of the US president was criticized by representatives of the video game industry, including Jeff Cayley, the founder of The Game Awards, and Corey Barlog, creative director of God of War.

And Trump personally blames the “shocking and terrible video games” and the Internet for cases of mass shooting that occur only in America. 
It’s not the games that are to blame, but the weapons.

I personally see how video games are becoming one of the most powerful unifying and creative forces in pop culture around the world. 
Today we must rejoice in what games mean to us, and help others understand and appreciate the power of this medium.

When someone asks you about the role of video games in society, ask one simple question: “Have you played video games? 
Tell us about your experience. ” 
Only then can the conversation continue.

Wait … what’s the deal? Violent video games and mental health [guilty of terrorist attacks]? Not a powerful military weapon, which is sold to millions of citizens and which are directly used to arrange all this horror?


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