Because of a bug in Team Fortress 2, there was a collapse in prices for hats – Valve imposed a limit on the sale of items

The game survived the "box depression."

On July 25, a bug occurred in Team Fortress 2 , due to which rare (Unusual) things began to fall out of regular Mann Co. boxes. Such items have special visual effects, such as glow or flames.

Bug dramatically affected the economy of the shooter. For example, a hat that used to sell for 60-120 dollars fell in price to 20-30 dollars. Some sellers, in turn, raised the prices of the boxes.

For a while, the panic continued on the in-game TF2 items market. Some third-party trading platforms even stopped trading. Many community members called on other players not to conduct any transactions until the bug is fixed.

Dynamics of changes in the price of the hat “Team Captain”


A few days ago, Valve stated that it fixed a bug and blocked the ability to sell hats, obtained through a system crash. Gamers can only bargain for a relatively rare hat that hit their inventory first.

Also, the developers noted that some gamers began in a hurry to remove the “illegally” received hats from their inventory. They will receive items back with the same restrictions.

Changes will take effect within a week.


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