8chan became a hotbed of turned on the massacres. Creator calls to close the site

Frederic Brennan from the Philippines launched an anonymous forum (imageboard) 8chan in 2013 with the idea that it should be a utopian platform for free communication. But now the site has become a horn for shooters and a recruiting station for white nationalists, writes The New York Times . The creator of the site came to this conclusion after the third massacre this year turned out to be connected with the site.

A few minutes before Saturday’s shooting in El Paso, a four-page message appeared on 8chan, the author of which introduced himself as a gunner. He urged his “brothers” to distribute the contents of the letter. Shooting in New Zealand, which killed 51 people, and an attack on a synagogue in California were also announced in advance on this site.


Brennan last year stopped working with the current owner of 8chan, and now calls for the site to be completely closed.

– It does not bring any benefit to the world. Only a complete negative for everyone, except for users of the site. And you know what? It even negatively affects them. They just don’t understand it.

8chan has become an alternative to the popular 4chan, where management has limited its users in freedom of expression. Since 2014, when GamerGate broke out (scandals around sexism in games), marginal and radical users have moved to 8chan, which they did not want to listen on other sites.


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