500 thousand subscribers, Mixer lifting in the App Store and Twitch reaction – how Ninja started moving to another site

Perhaps for Microsoft this is not the last such “acquisition”.

On August 1, Ninja streamer announced that it had signed an exclusive agreement with Microsoft and instead of Twitch it will stream only to Mixer.

Just two days after that in his twitter Ninja told that his channel on Mixer reached 500 thousand subscribers. However, there is a catch – the site temporarily allows you to subscribe for free.

As for free subscriptions, there are already 643 thousand of them on the Ninja channel. For comparison, on Twitch he has almost 15 million of them, and he was the first streamer to overcome the 10 million mark on the site.

The peak number of paid Twitch subscriptions for Ninja was 250 thousand in March 2018, and since then this value has dropped to 15 thousand.

Thus, on the Mixer the streamer has already broken its record, however, taking into account the platform’s action, this is just a formality.

For the first couple of days, Ninja got almost 4 million views on the Mixer, and the platform application climbed to the top of the American App Store.

Twitch, meanwhile, did not lose his head and decided to take advantage of the situation. In the Ninja profile, which was quickly removed from the verification checkbox, the

 message “Ninja you are looking for is in another castle” appeared with an offer to watch other popular Fortnite streams.

According to unconfirmed reports , Ninja received about $ 50 million for his deal with Microsoft, and this is the amount that can grow. This is much more than a streamer earned a year on Twitch, and there is an explanation for this – the contract price partially covers the losses, since Ninja still risks missing part of its audience with Twitch.

It is likely that some conditions are included in the transaction. Most likely, it is with the help of Ninja and streamers, with which Microsoft can still enter into a contract, the company will promote releases like Halo: Infinite.

Many believe that it was for this reason that Ninja mentioned his eSports roots in Halo in a press release about the deal.

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