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“The rules in the Catholic school were softer”: streamers criticized Mixer for dressing requirements

Microsoft streaming platform was accused of sexism because of the ban on cleavage and things with open shoulders on broadcasts for families and teenagers.

The requirements of the Mixer for clothes look as if they were written by a man opposed to “busty streamers.”

Mixer began to criticize in social networks after the stream, which was held by service manager Matt Salsamendi after an exclusive deal with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Ninja streamer announced he was leaving Twitch for …Tyler Blevins will now broadcast exclusively on the Microsoft platform.

During the broadcast, the Mixer head commented on the problem with following the rules on Twitch – and noted that the Microsoft platform does not experience such difficulties due to the most objective and understandable requirements.

Twitch has long been trying to ensure compliance with the rules … We decided this question a long time ago, when we established as clear and objective rules as possible. 
You know, if you do something right or wrong, there can be no “gray zone” between it.

After that, cybersport journalist Rod Breslow and various Western streamers noticed that, according to Mixer rules, the broadcasts are divided into family-oriented, teenage and “18+”.

Each category has requirements for clothing streamers – it must completely cover the visible parts of the body, and things with open shoulders and neckline are prohibited.

Streamers criticized the rules Mixer and called them archaic and sexist, as they mainly refer to women.

Here are the rules of the Mixer, which determine that streamers (mostly women) can and can not be worn, including short tops and tops with open shoulders – they are allowed only for “18+” broadcasts.

Just so that everyone understands – judging by the standards Mixer, then the Little Mermaid, Moana and Jasmine in Disneyland should be met only by visitors over 18 years old. Have a nice day!

I love it when someone digs up a photo with me in a sweater, which proves that I have things that completely cover my chest. According to them, I have to stream in a sweater in the summer in bloody New Mexico to meet the archaic requirements of the Mixer.

Ok, I read the Mixer requirements for clothes and die of laughter. 
How can off-shoulder tops be non-family oriented? 
Anyone who thinks so is just stupid. 
People, this is just a shoulder.

About the rules Mixer. Women should not be treated separately. Now the rules that apply to everyone disproportionately affect women. In order to comply with the rules, they have to change their (absolutely normal) clothes, while for the most part this does not apply to men.

I had to read the Mixer requirements for clothes twice. Even in my Catholic school, the rules were more flexible. 80% of my wardrobe is not suitable for family broadcasts? The dress in which I am sitting now also does not comply with the rules.

People will still find a way around the Mixer rules. 
There is a dress code in high schools, but girls still struggle with these requirements. 
And yes, boobs are sexy not by nature, dudes.

In turn, according to the rules of Twitch, during the broadcast , streamers may wearthe same clothes they would wear in a cafe, a shopping center or on the street – and some users criticize such demands for uncertainty.

Twitch found breastfeeding acceptable on stream 


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