Roblox overtook Minecraft by the number of players per month

According to the latest Microsoft report, in March, Minecraft had 91 million players per month, but Roblox gained 100 million.

Roblox is a free sandbox that allows you to create various games using the built-in toolkit and share them with players around the world. In total, about 50 million levels and games were created for it. Like Minecraft, Roblox is especially popular with young audiences.

We founded Roblox more than ten years ago with the goal of bringing people together from all over the world. Roblox started with only 100 players and several content creators who inspired each other.


David Baszuki Founder and CEO of Roblox Corporation

Roblox Designer was created in 2005 and was then called DynaBlocks. At the beginning of April, the monthly game audience reached its closest rival, Minecraft, and now it’s overtaken.

The political world in Roblox: elections, wars and debates 


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