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Twitch found breastfeeding acceptable on stream

The issue was resolved after the moderators removed the video with the young mother, who fed the child on the air.

The breastfeeding excerpt taken from Heather Kent stream was posted on the Livestreamfail forum, whose users reacted negatively to the video. As a result, Twitch moderators removed the video – and Heather Kent posted it on Twitter.

Today I streamed on Twitch and in parallel breastfed my child. 
This video, which collected more than 20 thousand views and could greatly help the movement for the normalization of breastfeeding, was deleted without explanation. 
We obviously need to go a long way in the struggle to normalize breastfeeding.

After that, Twitch sent a letter to streamersh in which he explained that her video was deleted because of complaints about nudity. Representatives of the streaming service also stressed that in the case of Heather Kent, the moderators were in a difficult position, as they were the first to encounter a breastfeeding incident.

During internal discussions at Twitch, they recognized that breastfeeding does not violate the rules of service, and agreed with Heather Kent that this process cannot be considered obscene.

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