Ninja Streamer Announces Resigning With Twitch For Mixer

Tyler Blevins will now broadcast exclusively on the Microsoft platform.

Ninja announced his transition to Mixer in a short comic video clip, where he stressed that the change of the platform will not affect his game preferences, the rating of victories and hair color.

Representatives of the Twitch streaming service in a comment to The Verge stated that they are proud of the many achievements of the streamer on their platform and wish him success in the future.

Tyler Blevins – one of the most famous streamers in the world, which launched its own line of toys and merchandise, writes three books, and also hit the hundred most influential people of 2018 according to Time magazine.

Almost immediately after the Twitch announcement deprived Blevins of verification.

Reuters: Ninja Streamer Received One Million Dollars for Apex LegendsPromotion

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