Shield and digital clone operative: trailer and abilities of Zayn Flint from Borderlands 3

The Vault Finder will be able to apply two skills at once – but at the same time lose the ability to throw grenades.

Zayn Flint’s abilities are divided into three branches.

  • “Double Agent” – Zane creates his own digital clone, which can distract the attention of opponents, and when improved, explode among enemies or absorb part of the damage done to Zayn.
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  • “Killer” – Zane calls for a combat drone capable of attacking opponents with firearms, and when improved, with freezing and radiation beams.
  • “Undercover” – Zane unfolds an energy shield that protects the hero and his allies from damage and enhances the accuracy and damage of weapons.

Borderlands 3 will be released September 13 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in EGS. Previously, the developers presented alternative boxing games and screenshots of the planet Prometheus, as well as a trailer in which other playable characters appeared – Amara, FL4K and Mose.


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